Whenever you remember good perfume, you always associate it with the person who was wearing it. Perfume is an essentiality that adds to the personality of every individual but more for women because women are more of the conscious lot that demands attention about how they are perceived as individuals. And to get that, smelling good is a good way to go about it. The perfumes for women consist of a very expansive domain of fragrances from non-branded to brand with a plethora of smells ranging from fruity to musky to subtle skoosh.

Here in this article, we will get to know everything about perfumes for women with the intention of gaining an insight into the fascinating world of ladies’ perfumes.

Perfumes – A definition

Perfumes are scented liquids with a combination and selection of aromatic essential oils along with alcohol or other spirits and solvents. They consist of very light molecules that float once in contact with the air and spreads the smell.

There are a specific variety of smells that are favored by women and forms the base musk of almost every ladies’ perfumes available in the market. But just like how most of the things you see, it is only the tip of the iceberg, perfumes have a huge variety of perfumes and if you really want your money’s worth, then buying a good authentic ladies’ perfume will add value to your feminine collection.

Fragrance notes:

Fragrance notes are the key ingredients that makeup perfumes. They can be divided into top, middle, and base notes. In cases of perfumes for women, the middle and the base notes are added to increase the levels of aroma in the perfume.

Types of perfumes:

There are different types of perfumes for women serving a multitude of purposes basis the occasion for which perfume is worn.  These points below will help you understand the various perfumes for women from a whole new perspective. So, the next time you are in the store, instead of getting spoiled by choices, you will know exactly what you are looking for and what will suit you the best.

  • Parfum contains an alcohol level of 20% – 30% and lasts more than 8 hours.
  • Eau de parfum contains an alcohol level of around 15% that can stick up to 6 hours.
  • Eau de toilette contains only 5% – 15%alcohol and lasts for a shorter period of 4 hours’ time.
  • Eu De Cologne has only 2%- 4% of alcohol content and is suitable if sprayed on skin

The difference –

  • The branded perfumes for women have a major difference in having a high amount of oil concentration and alcohol content. The non-branded ones have higher addition of alcohol content as compared to the oil concentration.
  • The presence of oil in branded perfumes makes the liquid dense, forcing it to stick to its surface for a long period of time. But in case of non-branded perfumes, the alcohol, once sprayed, vaporizes into the air, leaving the wearer dry and sans any aromatic smell.
  • The lack of concentration of alcohol allows the body or clothes to retain the smell for a longer period of time in case of branded perfumes, which is clearly not the case in non-branded perfumes. 

How to choose the right perfume:

In a bevy of such a vibrant collection of perfumes for women, choosing the right one is always very confusing. Thus, understanding how to choose your perfume will enable you to get just ‘that smell,’ which you have been yearning for;

  1. Understand the notes- The fragrances are made of notes (perfume lingo), and understanding the notes will help you a great deal to assume how your perfume is going to smell. There are three notes, top, middle, and base, and they all work together to give out a delicious smell. The top notes stay for only 15 odd minutes leaving the middle notes exposed, which might stay for the longest period of time, giving way to the base notes, which is usually the strongest and tend to likely remain at the end of the day.
  2. Breakaway- Whenever you’re in a shop selecting a perfume, if you spritzed it on the tester, never smell the tester right away. Breaking away from the environment, which already smells of innumerable scents, will allow you to judge the perfume properly. Breaking away leads to a break in the consistency of the fragrance, allowing your nose to adjust. Once that is done, then if you smell the tester, the real mood for the scent will be revealed.
  3. Keep it, check it- Never make an impromptu decision of buying the perfume then and there. Always use the tester for the ones you loved, keep the tested inside your pocket and go on about your daily chores. Leave the tester inside the pocket and try to smell it at the end of the day, if the smell and your mood still persists each other then, that is the perfume for you.

Therefore, perfume for ladiesis a delicate affair, one which is confusing and interesting at the same time. Thus, next time you want to purchase perfume, go and surprise yourself and your friends with this befitting knowledge that you have read. I am sure it will be worth it.


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