Have you ever taken a minute out of your life and thought how the oldest brands are making it possible to stand out in the market for so many years? Have you ever wondered about their marketing plan? How have they managed to be so successful over the years? Why their business never declined? What is the thing that they have been doing for years? Their product remains the same over the years but yet they are able to enthrall the customers. Well, it is not rocket science but it is not as simple as it looks.

With years of experience, the oldest brands have mastered the skills to inspire and attract customers. These brands focus on their packaging more than their products. They maintain the highest standards of their products while bringing changes in their products’ packaging. They keep updating their packaging to capture the attention of the customers. If we talk about the food industry, a famous brand, Lay’s, keeps changing its packaging and making it attractive for the customers.

Well, it is not an easy job to make customers in the food industry. It takes years to make loyal customers. You have to be loyal and reliable first to make the customers trust you and your products. There is a high competition in the food industry from day one and if you are planning to enter the food industry, let me tell you that it is not a piece of cake. You will face competition on every step and it would take you years to grab the customers’ attention. Well, if you are new to the food industry and want to make customers in a small period, then focus on the packaging of your products. Make sure to be innovative with packaging. If your plan is to attract customers with your products’ packaging then, keep in mind the important factors while designing the food packaging:

Be clear about your packaging design

You need to be very clear about your packaging design. When people go to the grocery stores and they decide which product they should buy. They look at the brand’s name and the product. The packaging should be clear enough to tell the customers the name of the brand and what the product is for. Make sure that the packaging design should be simple and clear. The message that you want to deliver to your customers should be very clear. There should be no uncertainty. Customers look at a product for a few seconds and your packaging design should be clear enough to deliver the purpose of the product to the customers.

There should be a clear difference between human food and pet food. Wagg Pet food packaging is a good example of a clear packaging design. It’s packaging clearly shows that this food is for pets and not for animals. Packaging should not confuse the customers, it should be clear enough so that the customers can make the buying decision in one go.

Be unique

Be unique with your packaging. As I have already discussed that there is a high competition in the food industry and there are so many food products present in the market. Why would customers out of nowhere choose your products when you are new to this industry? Customers do not know about your brand; why would they choose you? The answer is, be unique with your food packaging. This is the one factor that can make you different than the rest. Do not run after the trend. Create your own. Do something different because consumers look for unique things. Your product will stand out in the market if your packaging design is unique than the others.

Honest in terms of your packaging design and your product

Keep it in your mind to be honest with the customers in terms of your packaging design and product. Make sure that you are honest with your claims. Make sure to give the right manufacturing and expiry dates. If you have given the expiry date of 3 years but the product expires before 3 years, this will be called dishonesty and your customers would not trust you again. If your packaging shows a high-quality picture of the product and it shows that the cookie is rich with chocolate chips but in real, it is not. By doing this, you are misleading your customers. Be honest and show your food product on the packaging as it is in reality. Never deceive your customers with your packaging. It will a negative image of your brand in the market.

Shelf impact

Customers look at the products when they are placed on the shelves. They take a quick glance at the products and pass by. They notice the products that catch their attention. Your packaging design should be appealing enough to make a shelf impact. A shelf impact makes a huge difference in capturing the customers’ attention and in increasing the sales. Make sure to choose the right colors and graphics that increase the shelf impact of your food products. Your food products should stand out on the shelves. The more your product is attractive and visually pleasing, the more your products will sell.  


 Your packaging design should be functional. Food packaging design is not just meant to cover the food from the external world. It should also be practical. The more your food product is practical, the more it would catch the customers’ attention. There is no use of a food box or packaging if it is not practical. Do you remember the ketchup jars? They were not functional at all. No matter how much you force or try to get the ketchup out of that jar, it would not come. That food packaging was a fail and ketchup used to get wasted. Then, food packaging designers took the notice and created user-friendly and functional packaging for the ketchup and now we can easily get the ketchup out of the bottles and packets. A lot of restaurants are now using food boxes that have in-built sauce containers and customers are loving these packaging designs.  

Brand awareness

Another important factor that you need to consider while designing the products’ packaging is the brand awareness. Make sure to give your packaging a name and a label so that people can identify your brand. Your product packaging should create brand awareness. Make sure to print a logo of your brand on the food packaging so that more customers can get aware of your brand.

custom food packaging

Cost of packaging

Never forget the cost of packaging. The cost of packaging has a great impact on the total cost of the products. Do not buy too costly food packaging that raises the total cost of the food product. Your sales will decrease if the total cost of your product is high. Customers are more likely to buy products that are affordable. Make sure to get affordable food packaging while keeping all the other factors in mind. You can get wholesale custom food packaging and in this way, you can get a huge amount of food packaging at a very reasonable price. It would save you from the increase in the total cost of the products and your sales would also not get affected.