Your refrigerator is an ultimate home appliance that is always on 24/7 to keep your foods fresher and longer. 

However, not organizing your fridge to keep food items may lead to them not staying fresher for long hours, and it may also increase your light bill. 

Thus, you need to be aware of the ways to keep your refrigerator organized. Read on and discover more!

Your game plan to organize your refrigerator

  1. Freezer 

Freezers are meant for storing frozen items – from your ice creams to meats to frozen fruits to other items; many things go here. You can store items super fresh in your freezer for as long as for 3 months – you can also keep eggs, tortilla and more for a longer time. You should pack all tightly that you want to keep here to keep them fresh for long and not strain your device in doing that. 

  1. Doors 

The doors of Whirlpool fridge models and other brands are the warmest part and must be for foods that may be most resistant to spoiling. You may keep juices, condiments and more that can withstand temperature fluctuations. You should not keep items like eggs and diary as doors may get warm. You should also not leave the milk carton opened and kept here unless you want bacteria to bother your health later. 

  1. Upper shelves 

It is the upper shelves of the refrigerator that comes with most consistent temperature, and the lower ones are the coldest. You can keep items like drinks, ready-to-eat foods, leftover and meats. You can also keep herbs fresh by keeping them right here in a jar with water. It would be good to keep berries for easy access in the upper shelves. 

  1. Lower shelves 

The lower shelves are where it is the coldest, and it is the best place for keeping items such as raw meat, seafood, eggs and other daily items. If you don’t want raw meat’s bacteria to spread to other sections of your fridge, you should make a section as the meat locker. Also, you should keep the meat in its original packing. Placing it on a plate or a bin that’s cleaned daily is also good. 

  1. Crisper drawers 

There is also a section in Whirlpool fridge models and other brands known as the crisper drawers. It is to maintain moist conditions to help preserve veggies and fruits. But you should not make the mistake of clubbing all items together and keep here. Many fruits like apples and peaches and more produce Ethylene, a chemical that ripens them. Thus, the production of Ethylene may also lead to the ripening of other plants – making veggies go yellow, sprout and limp. Thus, fruits and vegetables must be stored in separate sections. 

You don’t need to refrigerate some items 

Many people store tomatoes, onions and potatoes in their refrigerators. Since they are stored in large numbers, it also strains the device to work harder, consuming more power units. You should know that tomatoes, onions and potatoes do well when you keep them in room temperature. On the other hands, you should keep all nuts in the fridge as it will help to maintain their natural oils and avoid the butter from separating. You can refrigerate them if you don’t want to use it for longer hours. 

You are now aware of what to keep where in your Whirlpool fridge models and other models as per your choices. This way, you will only end up keeping items fresh for more items but even won’t strain the fridge leading to the higher electricity bill payments. You can follow the discussed aspects and start helping your fridge work efficiently for years.  


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