YouTube is the biggest platform there are lots of online videos that you can see according to your need all these videos can be given here for free. May form of advertisement with just a small cost. There are many banners and advertisements lying on YouTube. Those who start watching videos may disturb you and watch videos.

The amazing news is that you can also block advertisements on YouTube regardless of the type of device you are using to consume your online video content.  Click here to know about YouTube accounts.

The current web browser on your window PCs and on apple computer has ad-block plug-ins that helps you in disabling the most stubborn offline ads. Blocking advertisements on YouTube is legal? YouTube or any other website on the Internet. Advertisement blocking is illegal. Websites developer is able to find when the browser has an advertisement blocker installed, and implement countermeasures like blocking out content. Most websites don’t do this because it results in a very bad for user experience. The main argument against blocking advertisement on YouTube is that some content maker relies on advertisement revenues to support the creations of more content. When viewers block advertisements on YouTube, the creators do not get paid which may result in the less enjoyable article down the road. However, there is one law that says you exactly hake to sit through an unescapable three minutes pre roll advertisement before every video you watch.


YouTube but you really cannot stand watching advertisements then YouTube has a paid service that removes all advertisements. Youtube premium is available as an If you want to continue supporting content creators on unconnected subscription but it is included as bonus for Google play music all access subscribers.


Modern browsers like chrome allow users to customize their browsing experiences with plugging add-ons and extensions. Blocking advertisements is just one of the many things that extensions can accomplish. Plug-ins are referred to as extensions in chrome and they also can be accessed the chrome web store. Download and install extensions

 Capable of blocking YouTube advertisement in chrome:

  1. To chrome launch.
  2. The chrome store navigates.
  3. Type advertisement blocker in the search box and hit enter on your keyboard.
  4. Click more extensions results to view all of the available advertisement block extensions.
  5. Investigate the available advertisement blocker extensions.
  6. Choose an advertisement block extensions to require and click extensions.
  7. Then read the permissions that the extension requires and click add an extension.
  8. Navigate to YouTube and verify that the advertisement has been defused. If you still see advertisement uninstall the advertisement block extensions you choose and try another one. 


The Firefox refers to the plugging as bases, but they function in the same way as plug-ins for other browsers. They are available directly in Mozilla, which is the company that develops Firefox and you can access the add-on repository from a menu inside the Firefox. Steps to Download and install an add-o

Capable of blocking YouTube videos in Firefox:

  1. To launch Firefox.
  2. Click on the hamburger button.
  3. The click add-ons.
  4. Then click see more add-ons.
  5. Then type ad blocker into the search box and press enters your keyboard.
  6. Investigate the available advertisement block add and select one.
  7. Click add-on of your choice.
  8. Click add to Firefox.
  9. Review the permission that the add-on requests then click ads.
  10. Navigate to YouTube to verify that there is no advertisement if you still see an advertisement, uninstall the advertisement, and uninstall the ad blocker that you try another one.


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