Pakistan is moving towards advancements. The population is increasing day by day. People are not settling for a basic lifestyle only. People are investing in all kinds of money producing business to lead a better life.

The government is busy working on providing the citizens with different facilities that include a better lifestyle too.

Public Housing Initiatives is worthwhile, as the citizens of Pakistan strive to live in a stable lifestyle. The concept of having your own house is very famous among the people of Pakistan. People tend to have a secure living that would provide them a definite shelter.

It is the government’s responsibility to provide its citizens’ shelter, and hence the Public Housing initiatives are taken. Some of the notable public housing projects in Karachi, Pakistan are; The Korangi Town project, Surjani Town, Liyari Expressway resettlement program, Taisar, Baldia, Hawksbay Town. All of these projects have sheltered many people and are very successful.

The poverty rate in Pakistan is 29.5%, which a lot. People can’t afford to buy houses in the city, it is the other thing that plots for sale in Bahria town Karachi are too expensive and not for the common people while the per-capita income being on the lower side does not allow people to invest in homes. People who migrate from one city to another for job opportunities become homeless and are bound to live in rented homes that take most of their income and do not let them save for any investments.

The public housing initiatives provide citizens, rent, installment based investing, and whatnot. The prices of the properties are low cost so that every citizen of Pakistan can avail the chance of having their own house.

Naya Pakistan is one of the public housing projects that was announced by the prime minister of Pakistan for the people of the country to provide them with the basic need of life, which is one of the essential requirements, that is, shelter. The Naya Pakistan housing scheme is one of the low costs housing schemes that will provide 5 million people to the homeless people on the low cost that too with installments. 

The registration started on 15th July 2019 and ended on 15th January 2020. The deadline kept on extending due to the more number of people registering to it with time. The public housing initiative never goes to waste as there are still a lot of people who want to have their own house.

Having a home completes one of the most basic needs of life, which is shelter. As the prices of the housing schemes rise, families and people all across the country struggle to find and manage to keep places to live a better life and have health, education, and employment is entirely on risk.

The homelessness leads to a higher health risk because anxiety, depression is caused when the needs of the people are not fulfilled.

The public housing initiatives also generate revenue. The people work with more passion; they put in hard work when they don’t have to worry about basic needs like shelter. This helps in the expansion of the economy.

The housing scheme will not only help in the expansion of economy but will also fight against homelessness, it will help in fighting against mental health, and medical issues related to mental health, a secure future for older adults, women who want to live independently because of domestic abuse and other issues can have shelter without being dependent on anyone.

The low-cost houses can be bought by the NGOs as well to provide shelter to children who are deprived of basic needs of life.

Public housing schemes are significant as they provide an essential aspect of life, which is shelter.